Thin Stix: Review

I will answer with a very enthusiastic yes every time I have an opportunity to review a product by The Pencil Grip, Inc., and especially Kwik Stix.

This time around, we got to review the latest version of Kwik Stix, Thin Stix 6pk of Classic Colors; in the past we’ve reviewed Kwik Stix: Metallix and Neon and Kwik Stix 12pk. We loved, loved, loved these products, and since our initial review, I’ve probably given a half dozen packs as birthday gifts–they work well as a gift for just about any kid! Thin Stix and other Kwik Stix products are now available in-store at Toys R Us in addition to Amazon (and, of course,The Pencil Grip, Inc. directly), so they’re even more accessible.

Like the original Kwik Stix, Thin Stix are such a fun art supply. The company calls them a solid, quick drying tempera paint, but they remind me of getting into my mom’s lipstick when I was a kid. They smear on to the paper with such satisfying opacity and gooeyness. But unlike Mama’s lipstick, they dry to touch very quickly, and they don’t leave oil marks. They go on like a crayon (or maybe more like an oil pastel), but once dried, they look and feel like paint.

We’ve been using Kwik Stix of various types for a while now, and without fail my kids gravitate toward them when given a choice of art supplies. Crayons, markers, and colored pencils are all ignored in favor of Kwik Stix. I think they appreciate the fact that Kwik Stix provide awesome coverage quickly, but they aren’t streaky and hard to use like markers.

Thin Stix 6pk of Classic Colors comes in black, brown, green, blue, red and yellow. The colors are really incredibly vibrant. Though I do prefer the brighter, cheerier colors in some of the other multi-packs of Kwik Stix, the classic colors are a good place to start. Where Kwik Stix are sort of short and stubby, Thin Stix are longer, and maybe easier for adult hands to manipulate. Though longer, the Thin Stix do contain a slightly smaller amount of product per tube, but their size may make them preferable to you–you won’t go wrong with either size.

We have primarily used our family of Kwik Stix products on regular art paper, but I have tried all of the products on colored paper. As you can see, it certainly shows up better than a standard crayon on colored construction paper! You can use Thin Stix on paper, cardboard, rocks, or just about any material you can think of!

I always have to mention how easily these products wash off of my table. I thought this shiny white table would be easy to clean, but it actually is prone to absorbing color from markers or paint, and it takes strong chemicals to remove the color. When Thin Stix (or Kwik Stix!) get on the tabletop, so far I’ve been able to remove all marks with just a baby wipe! Amazing, when you notice how deep that red is and how white my table is!

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