The Secret Bridge {REVIEW}

“Aquaint thyself with him.”

This line runs through The Secret Bridge by Lamplighter Publishing and really forms the heart of its theme. In this story, originally published in 1899, Bridget finds herself unexpectedly alone and quickly running out of money. She is swept off her feet by the charming Godfrey, who marries her and provides for her. But Godfrey is a sailor and leaves on a tour of duty–leaving Bridget alone to navigate a tricky situation on her own. And unbeknownst to Godfrey, the situation is even more complicated than he could have guessed!

This book was really very lovely. It was a period romance; it reminded my of Jane Austen in tone and scope, but it was also a tale of Bridget’s deepening faith, with many, many Scripture references, and even more allusions. Godfrey, in many ways, is a (albeit imperfect) Christ figure, and Bridget learns to seek him–and to seek Christ–shortly after she becomes a bride. And Mr. Jocelyn, who is the chief evangelist of the book, loves and delights in Christ in a manner that is so contagious that it encourages the reader to acquaint thyself with Him alongside Bridget.

Mr. Jocelyn does speak of a passage in Job as though it was written just for Bridget–I’m sure my Seminary student husband would quibble with the hermeneutical correctness of applying Scripture to your life before understanding the intended context; but still, the references are lovely, and I think the conclusions would be the same. I suppose I’m saying let the novel inspire you, but don’t let it be your sole method of understanding Scripture (duh, right?).

This is the first time I’ve held a copy of a book from Lamplighter Publishing, and wow! It is so beautiful. It’s a creamy slate teal color, with beautiful shiny gold around the title. The material is soft like leather and really pleasant to hold. And it will look great on my shelf now that I’ve read it. 

The reading level is about 5th grade. But, while there is no objectionable material in the story, I think this book would be most enjoyed high school students or adults: all of the characters are adults dealing with adult situations.

This book sells for $28–as a book-deal-finder extraordinaire, I know that I would find that cost prohibitive if I were purchasing this book myself. However, for people who like collecting beautiful books that contain uplifting stories, this is definitely one to add to your wishlist. I could see myself adding this and other books published by Lamplighter Publishing to my Christmas and birthday lists.

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