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I love Super Teacher Worksheets! I was thrilled to get to review their Individual Membership, which is a membership for one family for one year (for only $19.95)!


When I was a classroom teacher, I relied on Super Teacher Worksheets to generate wordsearches and multiplication worksheets–the system is so easy to use, and the final products are attractive and clean looking.  As I began investigate the site for this review, I was pleasantly surprised to find several many games also available. We had a lot of fun playing the Domino – Addition Matching Game as we worked on mastering addition facts.

Bubba isn’t quite ready for speed drills yet, but I have already printed a few different addition pages to practice answering addition problems quickly–as a former classroom teacher, I know many times when kids struggle with math, it’s because they’re struggling with their basic addition and subtraction facts (or multiplication and division–Super Teacher Worksheets has drill sheets for those available, too!).  

We are in a situation where we have to maintain some worksamples to show to our charter school. Sometimes this is tricky, when we are mostly doing assignments orally or through hands-on projects, and it’s really nice to find some streamlined worksheets, especially on a variety of science and history topics. I loved, for example, that this Five Senses worksheet was aimed at pre-writers, allowing Bubba to cut and paste the correct sense into the right box. No writing required! Phew!

Super Teacher Worksheets has improved in usability since I taught in the classroom (or maybe I just missed these features when I used the site several years ago!). Now, when you browse worksheets, many of them have several buttons under their summary.  Clicking on the CC button brings up a list of any Common Core Standards that align with the worksheet. When the Lang button is available, the worksheet is available in multiple languages (it seems the options are English or Spanish). The magnifying glass lets you preview the worksheet without downloading it, and the file folder button stores the worksheet in your file cabinet–so super handy for when you know you will want to use something that you aren’t quite ready for yet!

I did find myself wishing there was a navigation bar to sort by age or subject. After some clicking around, I stumbled on a list of Pre-K and Kindergarten worksheets, but I’m not sure how I got there (or how to get back!).  It’s a small complaint, however–each worksheet summary does list an approximate grade range and the site is straightforward enough that it’s not too challenging to see at a glance if something is appropriate or not for your child’s level of learning and ability.

I probably wouldn’t suggest that a family use Super Teacher Worksheets as a core curriculum, but I do think it would be a great addition to just about any curriculum, a resource to pull worksheets from any time you happen to need extra practice or a way to get those spoken ideas on paper. It’s a handy site and a fantastic resource.

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