Review: Let’s Go Geography

I enjoyed getting to check out the weekly homeschool geography curriculum by Let’s Go Geography.

When I first looked at the curriculum, I made two incorrect assumptions: I thought it would be a pretty superficial view of an area based on its geography, and I also thought the entire lesson would arrive in my inbox.

What actually happens with the lessons is that a weekly reminder is emailed to you–the reminder doesn’t contain any of the actual lesson. But what is super cool about this, is once you login to your member account, you have access to the full year’s worth of lessons at once. Eventually, this curriculum will contain 3-years worth of geography lessons, covering most countries of the world. For now, it has lessons on two parts of the US and 26 countries.

Secondly, while you could use Let’s Go Geography for a quick, superficial overview of the country, if you use all of the activities as written, including the trip to your local library to find resources, you could really be using this as a core curriculum. I could even see making it a “spine” and building my literature choices around it, but this would only work if you were willing to fill in the gaps in literature on your own, obviously.

Each lesson in Let’s Go Geography is broken into six chapters: Map it!, The Flag, The Music, Let’s Explore, Create!, and Printables. The section on music contains web-based links to YouTube videos of songs from that part of the world. The Let’s Explore section has links to YouTube videos that showcase parts of that country. The Create section offers a fun crafts idea, and the needed resources are in the Printables chapter.

We really liked most of the activities, although my kindergartener, who struggles with fine motor skills, didn’t love being required to color teeny tiny flags every week! But he enjoyed looking at the maps and the different types of flags. We enjoyed most of the YouTube videos we watches, and while craft projects are not my strength or preference, the “Create!” activities were simple and straightforward enough that we were able to do them or tweak them easily enough to fit our situation.

Let’s Go Geography suggests creating a “travel journal” as you go. I didn’t succeed at doing this this time around, but I absolutely see the benefit–your travel journal contains all of the flags and maps and written work you’ve done, and it would be super fun to look back over the year and see what you’ve studied.

Let’s Go Geography is listed for grade K-4, and that seems appropriate for the material as it’s written. Bubba, who is in kindergarten, did okay with the assignments–but his attention span is short and the concept of world geography still seems abstract to him. Still, it wasn’t hard to adapt activities to his level, and we even included pre-K Sissy in many of them. I think it would even work fairly well up through 6th grade, especially if you really considered it just a guide and planned library trips to enhance your studies.

Let’s Go Geography is a fun, accessible, hands-on curriculum to study geography.

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