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Have I admitted yet to saying “yes, please!” at every opportunity I have to review books? I love seeing what’s out there and deciding which are the best books to share with my children.

This time, we were able to review four books by Carole P. Roman: Can a Princess Be a Firefighter?, If You Were Me and Lived in…Ancient China, Oh Susanna: It’s in the Bag, and Being a Captain is Hard Work.


I requested Can a Princess Be a Firefighter?

with Sissy in mind, and she loved it! This sweet book is a mom or grandma talking to two little girls, who together brainstorm all of their possible careers. This book is told in lilting rhyme: “You can be anything you want to be, anywhere, place, or time. Dancer, dentist, cowpoke, reporter, painter, biologist, accountant, or mime.” My favorite part are the fun illustrations by Mateya Arkove that accompany the career titles–all cute, chalk-like art showing cheerful women happy in their jobs. I do wish the illustrations–which truly are so sweet–were a little less hazy and popped more against the backgrounds.

We also reviewed the 10th book in the Captain No Beard series, called Being a Captain is Hard Work: A Captain No Beard Story. We loved this one, especially the illustrations by Bonnie Lemaire. My kids both caught on quickly to the fact that Captain No Beard wasn’t listening to the advice of his crew an was doomed to fail. We talked about the difference between being a good leader and being bossy, and both of my kids really connected with the story. We were a little confused when Captain No Beard was called by a different name at the very end; it may be wise to start with an earlier book in this series.

If You Were Me and Lived in…Ancient China walks the reader through day-to-day life in Ancient China. This one was a bit too hard for my first grader, but I think it would be perfect for maybe 3rd-5th grade; the sweet illustrations suggest it’s suited for younger kids, but the full pages of text may be too challenging for the littlest lap readers. I was impressed with the variety of aspect of life that Carole P. Roman addresses in this book, and could see it being an excellent introduction into a time and culture outside of our own. I will definitely be checking out the others in this series.

Oh Susanna: It’s in theBag was an unexpected treat. I haven’t shared this one with my children yet, but it will keep a place on my shelf and I know they will enjoy it. When I first read Oh Susanna, I was so touched by the sweet story that I may or may not have had to blink back tears. Sweet Susanna is a third grader, and she is really struggling with school. Carole P. Roman helps us see Susanna’s struggles and she shoves homework, and party invitations, and bananas and more into her book bag, not knowing how to ask for help. Finally, Susanna gets the help and support she needs from her family and learns that all of us are sometimes overwhelmed. I know my children sometimes carry a lot of stress, and I love this sweet way of being able to discuss it with them.

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