A Reminder of the Importance of Community

After Grant left his job this Spring, with nothing lined up and no sure indication of what exactly was next, we wanted to prepare our kids for what could be a big change, and we began having conversations with them about how we desire to follow God and how we are listening for where and how He wants us to go.

At the same time, in our church community group, I expressed that I was wrestling a bit with anxiety over the whole thing–over Grant’s well-being if he didn’t get a job, and over the kids’ if he did and we had to move.

A friend in our group reminded me of Abraham, who followed God into an unknown land, and mentioned that this is why it’s so good for our kids to have connections to those biblical heroes.

I know that Bible story.

I knew what I wanted my kids to feel, and that I wanted them to know their mommy and daddy were striving for that follow-God-anywhere obedience. But FOR SOME REASON, I didn’t make the connection in my own mind, and I didn’t remind our kids of Abraham.

To me, this was such a great reminder of why Christ-centered, family-based community is important. Our friend made the comment in an off-hand way; he wasn’t preaching at us. But he knew our hearts and our kids and God and the Bible, and so was able to offer encouragement that points both Grant and me AND our kids back to God.

Let us not give up meeting with one another…

I am so, so thankful for people who invest themselves in our entire family–me and the kids and Grant–and people who intentionally seek God with us.

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