Not the Same Kids

(Or, why you shouldn’t decide you can’t homeschool because you don’t like your kids when they get home from school.)

A large, local church ran a VBS a few weeks ago, and we took both kids there for five days in a row. After the first day, I was totally getting the appeal of dropping the kids off at school–those three hours were marvelous, and I got so much done.

But by the afternoon of the second day, I was realizing how hard it was after I picked my kids up. They were tired and grumpy, and truthfully, I was, too. We were irritable with each other, they were restless and had a hard time playing with together–and I couldn’t wait for the next morning, when I could get my next break.

And here’s the thing–when they’re with me all day, or even several days in a row, we develop a nice little rhythm and routine and we build memories of sweet moments together. When they use up all their good behavior for someone else, I’m thankful that they can impress the teacher, but then I get stuck with the leftovers.

(He was actually being a turkey and refusing to smile for me here–but this face sort of captures the mood, too!)

I absolutely know it’s not possible for everyone to homeschool, and that many do not feel called to homeschool or do feel called to use their local school as a ministry, and I am thankful that God speaks differently to our unique situations and uses us wherever we are…

BUT if you feel called to homeschool and are afraid to because you aren’t sure you like your kids enough to be around them all day: just remember, the kids you get when you’re sending them away all day are not the same kids you have when they’re with you all day. 

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