What I’ve Been Reading Lately

Oh dear me, it’s already Spring!

Last year, I set fairly clear reading goals for myself—this year, I’ve been struggling with surviving!

Still, I’ve managed to get in a few fun reads.

For the kids, I’m working on a fun, US History based project for next year, so I’m knee deep in US History pictures books that I”m not sharing with the kids, yet. Some are wonderful and lovely; others are dry and condescending. I’ll be sharing these in more detail as I get deeper into my project.

I’m also reading For the Children’s Sake and A Charlotte Mason Companion. I’m not one who follows another’s rules easily—but the more I read, the more I think this Charlotte knew what she was doing! We are likely going to adjust our homeschooling to be more in line with Miss Mason’s methods next year. I’m excited!

In fun fiction, I read The One-in-a-Million Boy after buying it as a Kindle deal early this month. This was definitely light, contemporary fiction (and not written by someone who shares my worldview—so watch for language, if that bothers you). But the author did such a lovely job of approaching hard, hard topics (the unexpected death of a child, aging and approaching death, divorce and relationships) with lightheartedness and hope, that it was a step above most contemporary fiction.

The Curious Charms of Arthur Pepper was an adorable “coming of age” story about an older widower. Cute and clean (I think, at least mostly!)—not a must-read, but not a total waste of time. It’s a good read-along for The One in a Million Boy.

Stars Over Sunset Boulevard was a fun (but also sad!) look at Hollywood around the time of the production of Gone with the Wind. It was okay; not earth shattering.

Tell Me Three Things was a super fun young adult novel—but it’s not one I can recommend. The story was well-told, and the main romance in the novel was “clean” but the high school kids spoke about sex and anatomy too frankly. While the conversations reminded me of ones I heard in high school, I would prefer putting clean, moral content into the hands of my kids, and I’d prefer their anatomical discussions to be directed by me and seasoned with God’s goodness.

Right now, I am rereading Till We Have Faces. I often cite this as my favorite book of all time—it’s one of a handful that I’ve reread more than twice. This time, I am listening to Nadia May read it on Audible, and it’s an extra special treat. It makes my longer weekly drives fly by! The amazing thing about Till We Have Faces are the layers. It seems to be about so many things at once: is it a simple retelling of a myth, or is a treatise on reason versus beauty? Is it the classic redemption story, or is it intended to convict the reader? I think all of the above, and probably more. It is a story that gets richer upon each rereading.

I’m also on the last few chapters of Shepherd, Potter, Spy—and the Star Namer, which I was given to review. More on that one later this week.

I’ve grabbed a dozen or so Kindle book deals over the last few weeks, but I’ve only just managed to start a few of them.  By the end of May, I want to settle into a plan for Bubba’s coming school year (I think we will start in June and take it slowly, so I want to get organized before then, if possible), so I plan to finish my Charlotte Mason books in the next couple of weeks. I also want to finish How to Manage Your Home Without Losing Your Mind by Dana K. White (whose A Slob Comes Clean podcasts are the best thing I’ve ever heard when it comes to home organization—a skill I’m painfully unnatural at!). I am also reading The Rise and Fall of Mount Majestic, a middle grade novel that is delightful; I can’t wait to finish it and tell you more.

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