Family Rhythm


Happy Family Rhythm 800
Welcome to my 31 Days 11 Days to Establishing a Happier Family Rhythm series.

Join me as I work to develop a more peaceful day-to-day with a preschooler and a toddler, as a mom who works both in and out of the home. My hope is the combination of regular adventure and the predictability of routine will combine to infuse our home like a calming breath of fresh air.

Click on the links below to head directly to each post (the links will go live as they’re posted, one per day in October).

  1. Oh What a Mess!
  2. Our Current Family Rhythm and Routines
  3. What Should Our Family Rhythm be like?
  4. Be Realistic About Your Family Rhythm
  5. Reflect on Happy Moments
  6. Building New Habits for Your Family Rhythm
  7. A Graphic for Our Family Rhythm
  8. How Screen Time Affects Your Family Rhythm
  9. Stop Errands from Ruining Your Family Rhythm
  10. Big Picture Rhythms
  11. Intentionality and Grace