Daily Bible Jigsaw {App Review}

This week I was given a free puzzle app to review by Planet 316. Daily Bible Jigsaw is an app, available for free for iOS, Google Play or on Facebook, that presents a cute jigsaw puzzle each day. The puzzles are of super cute pictures–kitties, doggies, nature stuff usually, and are challenging but not impossible.

I wouldn’t let my kids play this app, because I didn’t want to have to use any of the 500 coins I received for the review in order to replay the ones they did without me (selfish mama! ha!). But both of my kids liked to look over my shoulder if I played while they were around, each of them curious about what the puzzle was going to be.

I had some time where I was stuck sitting around waiting this month, and this app was a fun way to fill time.

I think this game would be perfect for older kids and any adults. It’s a fun app to pick up and play while you wait in line or while you watch your kids at gym–you get to play one game a day for free, or you can use coins to play games from earlier days.

The game is well-designed–I don’t know how app developers know just what to do to make their games addicting, but these guys have that figured out. There’s a monthly calendar puzzle that gives you one piece per day that you play, so the app tries to motivate daily play.

We were given 500 coins; I still have nearly 450. I am a bit impatient with puzzles, so I almost always used the “rotate” feature that turns all of the pieces the right directions and the “edges” feature that hides all non-edge pieces while you assemble the edges first. I think I could get by without the edges feature–you can drag the pieces to the side pretty easily–but I really, really liked the rotate feature. If you like more of a challenge, there would be no reason to use coins at all!

I will say that it’s not clear how many coins each action takes while you’re playing. Because I was given the coins for free, I didn’t hesitate to use them, but if I was paying for them, I certainly would be paying more attention! It could be frustrating to be spending coins you didn’t realize you were spending. I think this is especially worth noting if you had children who were planning on using coins. But–again, I really don’t think coins would be necessary to making the puzzle enjoyable.

Once you complete a puzzle, the app superimposes a Bible verse on top of the cute image. The verses are inspirational and encouraging, but only seen briefly. You can also compete against friends–that could be really fun!
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