Alphabet Curriculum Notebook {Review}

My preschooler (ack, how did that happen?) really enjoys getting to feel like a “big kid” during school time, and the Alphabet Curriculum Notebook by The Crafty Classroom provided exactly the right resources for me to work with her.

The Alphabet Curriculum Notebook is a 26-week long curriculum, with a week per letter. It is paced to be a 3- or 4-day a week program.

You can see on the 4 Day schedule, there are an average of four activities (the 3 day schedule just lists more activities per day); we attempted completing a 4 Day week during our review, but since Sissy isn’t quite writing (or sitting long!) yet, we had a hard time getting our act together four days in a row in a week. Still, because I dropped some of the writing sheets, we were able to complete a letter a week. I think it would work to spend two weeks per letter if you wanted to stretch this program out, or even to do two letters per week if you wanted to use this with an older child.

This Race to the Top game was one of her favorites–it was fun to see when she was playing the game, that she actually wanted to write very carefully, too. She felt like a Big Girl with Mom at her side, doing school. Bubba, who is starting his second year of kindergarten in the Fall, enjoyed this one too. (You’re supposed to start at the bottom and go up, but when your perfectionist preschooler starts at the top to go down…just roll with it! Ha!)

This I Can Find the Letter Page is my favorite. We had tried this the first week with the “Aa” page, and Sissy scribbled all over it. We pulled back out the “Bb” page to try again–and as you can see, I don’t think she’s quite ready for it. It was interesting though–after spending several weeks on the different letters she did TELL me where the B’s were, as she scribbled all over the paper, so I suppose she’s gaining knowledge anyway.


Each letter has this super cute page–I’m saving these till the very end, when we will do one every other day or so, and build a big alphabet quilt. You’re *supposed* to do one a week and make your wall quilt that way, but I know we won’t be able to keep track of our papers for that long (and I don’t want to give the ABCs wall space for that long!).

This product is really super cute, and The Crafty Classroom has many other products for sale on their website, including a similar ABC Notebook designed around Bible characters (cute!).

The last day of each week suggests a Bingo game and includes Bingo cards, but I wasn’t clear on how to go about calling Bingo. I also would have appreciated more concrete examples of what to do with the flashcards, that were super cute, but I wasn’t sure how to use them (hmm… would they have worked as the Bingo callers?).

Overall, I was impressed with this product. I will continue to use it during the school year for sure!

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